Hana & Posy + New Work!

My artwork is now on display at Hana & Posy, an eco-friendly boutique at 35 N. 3rd Street in Philadelphia. I created 3 new pieces for the boutique's opening on First Friday in October. Here are the images from the opening & the new artwork! Enjoy!

First the New Pieces..

The first piece I finished is an old toolbox refinished & painted with a winterberry design in Casein Paints.

This piece and the next piece are based on Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs with my own twist. They are milk-based Casein paint on tree-rings.

The third piece is a done with black thread (all of the black patterning is hand embroidered), Casein paint, and canvas on linen.

And here are the pictures of the boutique...


A.F.Schepperd said...

This is all amazing! Looks great baby.

Kerry Cesen said...

I really love the embroidered linen design with the hummingbird. I can picture you patiently weaving thread through that surface for days. And the dedication and depth that you exercise is truly inspiring.

angie said...

I LOVE THE NEW WORK...especially the paintings on the slices of tree. My favorite is the one with the bird! I'm so glad I get to share the opening of Hana and Posy with such a talented artist!!